Tuesday, March 4, 2014

T20 world cup 2014 fixture

ICC has announced T20 World Cup 2014 schedule and fixtures dates as per FTP of Cricket which is setFull schedule and fixtures of ICC T20 World Cup 2014 has now been announced by the ICC. A total of 51 matches are to be played during the 2014 T20 World Cup including 16 warm-up matches, 32 group matches, 2 semis and finals. All teams play four group matches before they qualify for the semis and final. Pakistan meet arch-rivals India in their opening match on Friday March 21 followed by matches with Australia, A1 qualifier and West Indies. India on the other hand play with West Indies, A1 qualifier and Australia respectively. You can sort the below fixtures table by each country by using the built-in search function. Schedule of T20 World Cup 2014 fixtures shows list of all matches with dates, venues and timing of matches in GMT, local, IST (Indian standard time) and PKT (Pakistan local time). Use the search below to filter matches by venues, countries or timings:
to take place in Bangladesh from 16 March to 6 April, 2014 in four major cities including Mirpur, Chittagong, Sylhet and Cox's Bazar. For the first time the tournament will have 16 teams including 10 full members qualified directly and 6 associate members qualified through 2013 ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Learn Bengali in Bangladesh

 Sajapani - koyuye katora daughter started talking with the ' Good Morning ' to say . He answered , ' Good morning ' ! We were surprised to hear his beautiful Bengali . He said a sweet smile , ' I have to learn Bengali in Bangladesh . So to speak Bengali . " Then he said , in Japanese , ' Good morning, ' the ' Ohio ' .
Japanese - FEBRUARY call that the daughter was a sweet, warm morning bang . I think my brothers blood brighten Ekushey February ' , if not futile . Is detailed conversations with koyuye katora tiesasite University . We know little , Dhaka University Institute of Modern Languages ​​( IML ) Bengali student learning Japanese . Came to Japan - Bangladesh ' Exchange Program ' - of education under . The Tokyo University of Foreign Studies began learning his Bengali . According koyuye katora , since his school was my desire to learn a foreign language . Then the local school of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies 1 in the class to read after reading the Bengali bhasata was very loved . Here , however, foreign languages ​​are taught in the 7 . But I decided on the higher up the Bengali language . 

 Therefore , the implementation of such decisions . Tokyo University of Foreign Studies , he admitted in the course of two years, he was learning Bengali . It was in 01 . Tinisaha total of 10 people were admitted to the Japanese students in the course .
' There for a year and Manjurul Haq kiyoko nioya sir madam I was home on the supervision of higher learning to learn Bengali Bengali . I give full credit to the teachers of the two . " Says koyuye kato ." And yes , the 10 categories of people who come to learn Bengali , Dhaka University . Omata mikako his name . " He added at the end of words .If koyuye kato Now if Sufia Kamal of Dhaka University . The student has become friends with a lot already . River of friends , one labani and Dina , who all belong to the physics department .He's too fascinating to see atithiparayanata Bengalis ! Already koyuye katora Bengali food has become a favorite . Alubharta particular . However , he said Hilsa fish is very tasty . So good grades in Dhaka's traffic congestion ' bhogaya him too . Regret to say that the internet is a bit slow . The spasms did not get the parents to the vicinity katora miciko iyasuhiro kato and mother . He says , his father and mother to the local municipal officials in small business making bamboo toys .Institute of Modern Languages ​​IML koyuye kato Bengali learning - Silver Chakraborty 's teachers and part-time teacher of Dhaka College , Ayesha Begum .Koyuyo about kato Silver Chakraborty said , " A lot of the early koyuye could say the word correctly . For example : ' Nineteen ' who said ' Yes ' . And Pure has slowly learned to speak Bengali . 'Silver Chakraborty further added , " As individuals koyuye very good . He has a commitment to learning . The timing is very good . Brings home the job perfectly . More importantly , and very hard-working . I am hopeful that the future will be efficient enough to koyuye Bengali language . 'Kato koyuye also very optimistic. He dreamed of working in Bengali literature . ' I want to work in future translations . Tagore's literary remains of priorities . ' Words when he spoke , his eyes big dreams pair has mass . Mix in the flash of the dream , we say , ' sayonara ' . He said that just as a sweet smile , ' bye , will meet again . Sayonara . '