Saturday, March 1, 2014

Learn Bengali in Bangladesh

 Sajapani - koyuye katora daughter started talking with the ' Good Morning ' to say . He answered , ' Good morning ' ! We were surprised to hear his beautiful Bengali . He said a sweet smile , ' I have to learn Bengali in Bangladesh . So to speak Bengali . " Then he said , in Japanese , ' Good morning, ' the ' Ohio ' .
Japanese - FEBRUARY call that the daughter was a sweet, warm morning bang . I think my brothers blood brighten Ekushey February ' , if not futile . Is detailed conversations with koyuye katora tiesasite University . We know little , Dhaka University Institute of Modern Languages ​​( IML ) Bengali student learning Japanese . Came to Japan - Bangladesh ' Exchange Program ' - of education under . The Tokyo University of Foreign Studies began learning his Bengali . According koyuye katora , since his school was my desire to learn a foreign language . Then the local school of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies 1 in the class to read after reading the Bengali bhasata was very loved . Here , however, foreign languages ​​are taught in the 7 . But I decided on the higher up the Bengali language . 

 Therefore , the implementation of such decisions . Tokyo University of Foreign Studies , he admitted in the course of two years, he was learning Bengali . It was in 01 . Tinisaha total of 10 people were admitted to the Japanese students in the course .
' There for a year and Manjurul Haq kiyoko nioya sir madam I was home on the supervision of higher learning to learn Bengali Bengali . I give full credit to the teachers of the two . " Says koyuye kato ." And yes , the 10 categories of people who come to learn Bengali , Dhaka University . Omata mikako his name . " He added at the end of words .If koyuye kato Now if Sufia Kamal of Dhaka University . The student has become friends with a lot already . River of friends , one labani and Dina , who all belong to the physics department .He's too fascinating to see atithiparayanata Bengalis ! Already koyuye katora Bengali food has become a favorite . Alubharta particular . However , he said Hilsa fish is very tasty . So good grades in Dhaka's traffic congestion ' bhogaya him too . Regret to say that the internet is a bit slow . The spasms did not get the parents to the vicinity katora miciko iyasuhiro kato and mother . He says , his father and mother to the local municipal officials in small business making bamboo toys .Institute of Modern Languages ​​IML koyuye kato Bengali learning - Silver Chakraborty 's teachers and part-time teacher of Dhaka College , Ayesha Begum .Koyuyo about kato Silver Chakraborty said , " A lot of the early koyuye could say the word correctly . For example : ' Nineteen ' who said ' Yes ' . And Pure has slowly learned to speak Bengali . 'Silver Chakraborty further added , " As individuals koyuye very good . He has a commitment to learning . The timing is very good . Brings home the job perfectly . More importantly , and very hard-working . I am hopeful that the future will be efficient enough to koyuye Bengali language . 'Kato koyuye also very optimistic. He dreamed of working in Bengali literature . ' I want to work in future translations . Tagore's literary remains of priorities . ' Words when he spoke , his eyes big dreams pair has mass . Mix in the flash of the dream , we say , ' sayonara ' . He said that just as a sweet smile , ' bye , will meet again . Sayonara . '

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